Vicious Impulses

The Capo and Ballerina - book 1

She was the beautiful angel of my dreams. I was the vicious monster of her nightmares.

Nevaeh appeared to me in my most tortured moment.
A mysterious ballerina dancing for me during the ravages of pain.
I questioned if she was real… until I saw her in the flesh.

My beautiful angel finally within reach.

She’ll be mine at any cost necessary. Any price to be paid.
There’s no running from me. No hiding from my dominance.
Nothing will keep me from my angel.

Even a violent war between two mafia families.
I will have her, and only then will I know peace.
But what happens when my ballerina has a dark secret of her own?

Brutal Impulses

The Capo and Ballerina - book 2

He was a brutal savage that brought men to their knees. I was the graceful ballerina he had to have...

He terrified me from the first moment he appeared.

He made me his, and in time, I gave him my heart.

My fiercest defender able to crush skulls into dust.

We fell in love.

But the story isn’t as simplistic as it seems.

Those we thought we could trust reveal their true selves.

And we discover we’re in the middle of a vicious mafia war.

Both sides are willing to do anything for money and power.

The only way we survive is if we come together.

We’ll have to fight if we want our happy ending.

***Brutal Impulses is a dark mafia romance. It is book 2 in the Capo and Ballerina duet. Before you dive into Caelian and Nevaeh's twisted journey, please make sure you check out the content warning at the beginning of the book. This book will include sensitive subject matter that could be upsetting to some readers. Read at your own risk.***