King of Vegas

A BWWM Dark Mafia Romance
City of Sinners - Book 1

I witness a crime I have no business seeing. Now I’m in the clutches of a powerful and deadly mafia boss.

From the moment he comes into the Dollhouse, he won’t take his eyes off me.

He might be just what I need. A big spender to help me with my money issues.

But there’s just one problem.

This is no average man. This is Giovanni Sorrentino, the new King of Vegas.

And when I stumble on something I shouldn’t, I realize I’m in big trouble.

Now it’s more than just money on the line.

I’m a goner unless I accept his deal—vow to be his, and I get to live.

But how long will it be before this savage King tires of his new toy?

Queen of Hearts

A BWWM Dark Mafia Romance
City of Sinners - Book 2

I’ve won the crown, but the war is far from over. My brother wants to take everything from me…my crime empire, my throne, my woman.

My father’s made his decision: he’s chosen me as the King of the Sorrentino empire.

But my twin brother, Giancarlo, is not giving up the throne without a fight.

Blood means nothing when it’s your brother across enemy lines. He not only seeks to steal my crown, but he wants to make my Queen his too.

There’s only one way this war between brothers ends—with one of us not making it out alive.

Kingdom of Sin

A BWWM Dark Mafia Romance
City of Sinners - Book 3

Savage Mafia King. Billionaire Businessman. Husband of five years. The man I’ve come to hate…

When we said, “I do”, it was supposed to mean Forever. It’s funny what a few years can change.

Giovanni Sorrentino, the man I fell deeply in love with, has become a stranger to me. With an empire that grows by the day, he’s a modern-day King—a Tyrant addicted to power, ruling by fear and domination.

He’s even worse behind closed doors. Cold, callous, and cruel, he’s unbearable. For my own sanity, I can’t do it anymore. I have to get away.

But my dominant Mafia King husband refuses to let me go so easily. We made a vow ’til death; one he fully intends on seeing through to the bitter end. It’s a dangerous game I’m playing, attempting to escape his wrath. This time, if he catches me, there will be no mercy to be had.

Heart of Sin

A BWWM Dark Mafia Romance
City of Sinners - Book 4

I live my life by one rule and one rule only: men are only good for money.

As a dancer at the Dollhouse, it’s how I survive.
It’s my job to make their fantasies come true.
For the right price.
One night a familiar face walks in and throws me off my game.
He makes me an offer too good to pass up.
He wants the girlfriend experience.
Be his and only his whenever he’s in town.
Too easy.
Or so I think. Soon I find myself catching real feelings.
But what happens when a dangerous client from my past comes back
And threatens to expose the real me I’ve kept a secret all this time?

The City of Sinners Trilogy

A BWWM Dark Mafia Romance
Box Set

Read Mafia King Gio and dancer Falynn's dark and delicious love story in this special edition boxset of books 1-3 in the City of Sinners Series, including brand new bonus content never before released!

Contains the following books:

  1. King of Vegas
  2. Queen of Hearts
  3. Kingdom of Sin