Vampires In Paris

My dream comes true when I'm Selected for a culinary apprenticeship in Paris under world famous Chef Sebastien Laflamme.

It's an exciting once in a lifetime opportunity....until I discover my new mentor's a dark, brooding jerk. But when strange things begin happening, I realize it might be even worse than I thought.

Sebastien is a dangerous, bloodthirsty vampire. I should be running for my life. Instead, I'm running straight into the arms of the sexy, deadly vampire that just might be my undoing.

Shared By the Capo

The last present I expect to receive on my birthday is to be shared…

After moving to a new city, I go out for dinner and drinks, to celebrate myself.

The occasion feels harmless until I catch the eye of a mysterious stranger.

Except, he’s no normal stranger—he’s a deadly mafia capo with every intention of having his way with me for one night only.

And then sharing me with his equally as sexy and dangerous friend.

It’s about to be a long—and pleasurable—night.

***Shared by the Capo is an interracial MFM menage a trois erotica short story. This book will contain content that may make some readers uncomfortable and is for readers over the age of eighteen.***

Savage Bloodline Caesar Deluca

A steamy interracial mafia romance about a deadly capo and the beautiful stranger he can't resist.

Betrayed and left to die, I’m bleeding out in the snow the first time I see Ariana Rowe. She takes me in at my darkest hour and nurses me back to health. No questions asked.

I should be plotting my revenge against my enemies and those who turned on me. Instead, I’m increasingly preoccupied with the shy and beautiful recluse who showed a dangerous capo like me kindness.

Once I’m healed, I return to my dirty and violent world, but the beautiful stranger stays on my mind.
Before I know it, I’m obsessed, and unable to stay away. I must have Ariana for myself.

But soon I learn there’s a reason Ariana’s so withdrawn… and getting involved with a woman like her can have deadly consequences.

***Caesar DeLuca contains violent and sexual content that is only suitable for readers over the age of eighteen. Please check the content warning at the beginning of the book for more details.***